About Katherine O'Boyle-Sheffield

Katherine O’Boyle-Sheffield – I go by the nickname Kat. I reside in Montgomery, Alabama. I currently work for a national pharmacy and retail chain. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and Animation and am a 2017 National Technical Honor Society Inductee at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. I also am a member of the Online Volunteers Club. During my personal time, I read Dean R. Koontz and Tami Hoag books, watch CG movies and Anime, listen to music, make jewelry, take photographs, and, most importantly, spend time with my number one muse, my little impish daughter. I am a military brat so I have experienced multiple cultures and religious practices first-hand. I am an eclectic pagan. Only through studying various cultures and religions and finally meeting like-minded pagans in Alabama did I truly find a place where I felt accepted and comfortable. No one religion seemed my path to follow. Once I learned of eclectic pagans, I felt at home. I seek to continue my research, to connect with other pagans, and to strengthen our community, through sharing our research, our rituals, our beliefs. Instagram: kats_digital_arts FB: Kat's Kreations @KatOBoyleSheffield


Photo by ketrin1407 / Flickr.com Lupercalia Written by Katherine O’Boyle-Sheffield January 20, 2019 Historic records indicate the pagan festival of Lupercalia has been observed as early as the 6th century and celebrated annually through the 5th century A.D. (Roach). The Continue reading Lupercalia

Witchy Wayz


I’m here to hex you, vex you, and perplex you. There is nowhere for you to hide. For my broomstick I will ride, My feline familiar by my side. My silhouette you may see in the bright moonlight. Don’t blink Continue reading Witchy Wayz

Interview with Betti Fortier, Founder of Facebook Group Pagans of Central Alabama (POCA)

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Pollen Woe

Oh Pollen, how I hate thee! Let me count the ways… Gazillion spores clogging my nostrils. Countless hours of waiting room misery. Oh Pollen, how I loathe thee!