Saw a crow in a tree.   On a dark and stormy night.   Saw it dancing in my porch.  It was dancing side to side eyes were beautiful.  Black like coal.   It was full of wonder.   Full Continue reading Feather


I want to be free.  To feel the wind.  I want to speak my mind without fear or tears.   I want to love unconditionally and feel love. Want to fly like the birds without the burdens holding me down. Continue reading I

Falling from heaven

Seen tears fall from heaven.   Seen angels cry.   Felt my heart go to pieces when I heard the lullaby Never thought it I would hurt.   Never thought you would leave The tears that fell from heaven, were Continue reading Falling from heaven


We are imperfect, emotional, and broken.   A puzzle with many pieces and many corners.  A roller coaster with never ending ends. We are perfect and imperfect.   Scattered pieces of our future and the past. We are broken but Continue reading Broken


There’s a whisper in the night.   But is not the wind.   There’s a shadow on the ground but is not my own.   A pair of piercing eyes watching every move I make. The whisper through the night Continue reading Raven