About Us

The Pagan Business Network was started in September of 2014 with the intent of building resources by bringing Pagan owned and Pagan friendly businesses together.  Through the spirit of collaboration and cooperation we have more power to build exposure and share information to build stronger and more successful businesses.

We have multiple resources available including a schedule of events of interest for vendors, performers and presenters, blogrolls to give blogs another avenue of exposure, swag bags to help you get your business in the hands of attendees of events all over the US and Canada, and many more.  Whether you are an artisan, musician, vendor, author, publishing company, blogger, podcaster, event planner, church or any other organization or individual there is a resource here that can help you.

Please check out the Resources and Building Exposure pages.  Join us in the Facebook Group, on Twitter, our Facebook Page, Pinterest and our newsletter to stay up to date on all the available resources as they are developed.


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