Astrology Forecast June 27th – July 3rd

Last week we had multiple planet’s shifting and changing. Over this past weekend we may have been feeling multiple energy changes. Potentially trying to figure out how to navigate them. This week luckily we have one planet shift. We had Venus move into the sign of Leo, which occurred on Saturday, June 26 and will feel the effects this week.

Venus in Leo is such a beautiful placement for Venus. It is allows us to explore our creative passions. For the past month, a lot of us had been feeling stuck, stale and stagnet in areas we have been wanting to be creative. There may have been even a lack of fun. This is the time that we are looking at what brings us joy and how we can bring it into our everyday lives.

Another part of this energy is that Venus is joining Mars in Leo. When Venus and Mars are together, it is very harmonious aspect. Mars is going to give us the drive and spark we need while Venus is going to allow us to freely enjoy what we want. Let your creativity flow during this time. Don’t limit yourself and hold yourself back. This is the time to take a risk and not afraid to put yourself out there.

Overall, the energy this week is very beautiful. Make sure to make time to do something you love and enjoy. Spending time doing what you are passionate about will bring you great joy.

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