Astrology Forecast June 14th- 20th

This week is a pretty calm week according to astrology. We don’t have any planet’s moving but have a strong Mar in Leo influence this week. Just as a heads up, next week we have a ton of planet’s shifting. So take this week as a nice week to relax before we are working with a lot of different energies.

Mars in Leo promotes a lot of creative energy. You might be feeling very inspired to work on a project. The only problem is that Mercury is still in retrograde until next week. So we might have a lot of ideas and not having a starting point or we just feel stuck. Once Mercury goes direct next week, it will be easier to move forward with your creations. This week try to not be too hard on yourself. Try not to over think about what you want to create. Sometimes our best inspiration comes when we are at ease.

Another aspect of Mars in Leo, it is important to be active. Speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise. Mars is a bundle of energy and if it is not being utilized it has nowhere to go. With it being in Leo, we could accidentally “roar” about it. To prevent this, it is important to get your body moving. Try to find little things that you can do that you find enjoyable.

Overall, this week is a more positive week. It is a good calm energy that we all could be using and taking advantage of. Spend time finding your inspiration now for when Mercury moves direct so that we can start to take action then. More importantly make sure that you are having fun this week and enjoying yourself!

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