Weekly Astrology Forcast May 17th- 23rd 2021

This week we have the Sun entering into Gemini on Wednesday. With the Sun in Gemini, it brings us a lot of light-hearted and fun energy. Where can you bring this energy in this week and while the Sun is in Gemini?

One good way to use this energy to get outside and moving around our neighborhood. It would be a great time to take short walks and visiting your local parks. Explore and stumble upon some local area’s. You may be surprised what you find. Even if you go visit a place you have been multiple times, take time to slow down and explore like it was your first time.

During this time, it is also a good idea to reach out and talk to our loved ones, friends and family. Gemini rules over conversations and it is very important to check in with each other. See how everyone is doing that we may have not talked to in a while. With a lot of us being so distant, it is important to stay connected.

We do have to proceed with caution with our conversations because Mercury is in shadow and about to go retrograde next week. This can cause the messages to get a little mixed up. Just make sure you are being very clear about what you want to say. Try to think before you speak. Also, be careful of gossip or getting caught up in it. Remember, if you wouldn’t say it to that persons face, you should probably rethink about saying it behind their back.

Lastly, this is a great time to get crafty! Look around to see what you have and can create. Let your inspiration guide you. With Mercury retrograde so close, you might be itching to get back into something you enjoyed doing in the past that you might have forgotten about. Try to make time for these activities. Let your creativity flow. Just have fun!

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