Death Dogs of Egypt

Let’s begin with Anubis.

Most Egyptians worshiped many gods and goddesses from the beginning of life: Geb, Isis, Hathor to the middle of life: marriage and child birth and rearing; Isis, MAAT and now to the end of life, illness and death. Many worshiped jackal Gods as the leaders of death. Normally, a black jackal, all of whom were connected to death and following afterlife. There has been 3,000 years of history of jackal gods, and yet most who are interested in Egypt/Egyptian/Kemet history and Magick don’t seem to know much of them.

However, Anubis seems to be the most known of the jackal Gods. Anubis is the embalmer and guide to the dead. He is the one who weighs a feather against the heart of the dead. However, He is also the God who helps the dead be reunited with their dead family and friends.

Anubis also help many other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses who helped humans such as Isis, Hathor and Horus! His help with Isis was highly noted due to the fact that She is His stepmother, not His mother. It has been written in many books about Osiris, being his father and Isis, being his mother. However, His parents are actually Osiris and Isis’s sister: Nephropathy, which is a long story for another class!

The worship of Anubis was also extremely popular adjunct in the Cult of Isis in Rome, Italy!

Anubis is also very instrumental with helping His followers in their seeking Magick especially protective Magick. He serves as an intermediary in the acts of answering the questions of the humans. In

Greece-Roman/Greek magical gems, there are plenty of Demotic and Magical papyrus where he shows up in the gems itself. He also shows us on painted dog bones and Tyche Magick also known as Good luck Magick!! He is also shown in pictures of His brother: Wapwewet and His young son: Pasheranoup, which means “Night Watch commander”

Second Dog is Wapwewet, Anubis’s younger brother. Wapwewet is the “Opener of the Ways”. Normally seen as a very large wolf and was previously a war God, He opens the way to victory!! He helped the deceased enter gracefully through the different and difficult paths to the Afterlife. He also clears the way to the final judgment of the dead! He stands often with His older brother: Anubis in paintings and papyrus. However, He is also a God with His own followers at the Egyptian towns of Lykopolis “Wolf Town” and Abydos, Egypt. He is a war hero too, keeping away the “zombies of Egypt” from the humans. Some see Him as a scout, seeking out clear routes of passage for King Sekhemkhet’s Royal Army.

Wapwewet was originally just a symbol of the Pharaoh, seeking to associate with wolf-like attributes, that later became deified as a mascot to accompany the pharaoh. He normally carries a very giant sword and a torch of flame to light the ways!!

The third dog is Duamutef: (Doo mut eff): Son of Horus. He is the protector of the canopic jars. According to the book: Death Dogs of Egypt, although Anubis is by far, the most popular; Duamutef is the God most seen. His wonderful head is shown on the first canopic jars. He and his four “brothers” : Horus, Imsety (human headed), Hapi(baboon headed) and Oebehsenuf (falcon headed). Egyptian always believe in reincarnation. Using the canopic jars, the 4 sons of Horus guarded different body parts Duamutef guarded the stomach.

The 4 sons of Horus also were placed on the Mighty dead in the form of amulets, cloth wrappings and necklaces for extra protection. Duamutef also was used to protect the mummified digestive system.

His name means the one who adores His mother!! He also protected the regions of Africa as well as Egypt, securing the Motherland!! His wife/partner is Keith!!

Finally the last Dog is Khentiamentiu: (Ken Tia mentyu) His name means, the Foremost of the Westerners”. The Westerners means the newly dead. The Sun sets in the West and turns into a “new day” in the East, so He supports the newly dead in their next life. Khentiamentiu is an ancient Dog God from Necropolis in Abydos in Upper Egypt He is depicted as a mummified corpse and praised as the “new Osiris”. Some Egyptian scholars suggest that He is epithet of Osiris. There is no Death Dogs of Egypt:

partner or wife listed for Him.

Anubis of Today:

As originally said, Anubis is the most popular of the Death Dogs, so popular that He is even worshiped today!!

Movies: The Mummy and the Scorpion King

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Death Dogs of Egypt: Written by T.G. Wilfong


Magic& Mysteries of Ancient Egypt:Written by James Bennett and Vivienne Crowley, I met Ms. Crowley at the Parliament of the World’s Religion in 2018.

Isis Magick: Written by M. Isadora Forest. I have known Ms. Forest since 1997

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