Death Dogs of Egypt

“ Today is a good day to Die” Keifer Sutherland in the classic mild horror movie, FLATLINERS, 1990

One of the Gede family: Baron Samedi would say that everyday is a “GOOD day to Die”!! However, this is not a Gede class. This is a class of specific Egyptian Gods who can help us in our upcoming death. This is the ending Magick of Samhain and the other Death-related November holidays of All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead and the Gede Festival!

With the rise of Covid-19 illness and death, along with the rise of flu and AIDS death, 2020 is ripe with death! So, it’s a good time to start making friends with the DDOE: (Death Dogs of Egypt) along with other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

The Four Death Dogs of Egypt are:

  1. Anubis: The Number 1 DDOE
  2. Wapwewet: His younger brother
  3. Duamutef: son of Horus
  4. Khentiamentiu: “The Foremost of the Westerners”

There are also two female DDOE:

  1. Anupet: Wife of Anubis
  2. Qebehut: Daughter of Anubis
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