Why Join the Dark Side?

There are many different spiritual paths to choose from in many cultures and traditions around the world, but what is the number one cause of people seeking this dark side and why would this benefit you?

In Paganism and the Occult community there are those who walk the “right hand path” and those that walk ” the left hand path”. These terms are Tibetan in nature and come from the monks and Buddhism before spreading to other cultures. The right hand path is the right way, traditional way, and the way of belief in a higher power for your own personal power. In many beliefs now right hand pertains to non harmful ways of doing things, balances and karma like repercussions and beliefs. While the left hand is the unorthodox, untraditional, against the grain, self enlightenment and self empowerment through seeking inner power. Nowadays the left hand path is associated with harm, dark magic, and demonic presence in workings.

Ritual Work done by Samantha Tucker

So why would anyone ever walk “the left hand path” or give in to the dark side? Because too often in this life we get caught up in toxic positivity, many on the pagan walk of life worship ideals of love and light, and “karma” and the rule of three-fold, but by doing this we deny our true nature and the balance of things. Yes those beliefs can be wonderful and yes they may work for you, but that is because your belief is escaping in an unhealthy way. Even with the belief in karma, true karma could be a lifetime away, if you watch it happen it is because you yourself are manifesting your retribution. Karma is the belief of getting punished in your next reincarnation cycle and/or consequences of your direct actions now affecting your world. The law of threefold was originally written about a fictional witch by the father of Wicca for a fairytale book, and the law states the witch is the one to cast three times the amount of bad AND good onto people who harm and or help her. Nothing in this life comes without work and you are doing the work if you see a manifestation of these forces.

Why is this unhealthy? Because human beings are not made to bottle emotions and those who practice are able to manifest even more potent results when angry or upset. This may cause even more upset to the other person or even themselves by releasing this negative energy. It can draw in parasitic entities or people into your life, it can affect those around you and it can even linger for years to come in personal objects or houses. It can cause issues with your magic and your discerning of divination and messages from deity and spirits causing muddy perceptions of the world around you. Ignoring your feelings is never the answer.

How can you embrace your dark side in a healthy way? I recommend doing a lot of shadow work. Shadow work is when you work with your subconscious to reveal bottled emotions, traumas, and fears. Some believe the shadow self is actually many versions of ourselves living in a point of the past, while others believe this is a type of egregore or tulpa made from a combination of the above mentioned attributes all together. This being can be scary but it is not there to cause you harm it is there to reconnect with you and break down the walls you may have put up. There are many spirits and deities that can also help with this work. Some people consult their ancestors to teach them how to deal with situations and protect them.

Another reason why you would look to this path is that for many people I’ve met walking these paths of darkness, they want to take back lost power. They feel like the world of light has done little but harm them, when it shines on them society sees the mask they wore when they conformed. But it turned a blind eye to their pain and anguish. People did what they were told out of fear but when the lights go out no one can see them or know who they are except them. They can take off the mask and their magick knows no bounds, and for once they believe they have taken back their power. Others who walk the path whisper of their success and their rebellion. It’s easy to get drawn in, but you need balance or you can easily get lost in trying to gain what you already have. “The left hand path” is the path of self enlightenment. Don’t go blind in the dark, let the stars shine in that void, and feel the emptiness come filled.

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