The Trauma of the “G” word:

Many people coming from a monotheistic religion may feel badly of the “G” word. God. While this is not all people and of course not against any other religion I have met countless people in my lifetime who have unsavory memories of the word. Like many other traumas this is not due to the deity or religion behind the word necessarily as much as certain individuals that use this deities name to strike fear and thoughts of hell fire into the hearts of those they want to control or don’t understand. Coming into a new system of beliefs can be difficult to break away from the old system, but it is not impossible by any means. While this will depend on your own personal path, traumas, and support system, one thing is for sure, the first thing to accomplish is acknowledging what happened and taking a step in the right direction

Ritual work with the Egyptian god Anubis by Samantha Tucker

Coming into paganism, or any other polytheistic religion or even monotheistic beliefs may leave you wondering or having fears and concerns. How do you deal with this associated word if you have a trauma towards it? Will other male deities still allow you to practice with them if you fear calling them a “god”? Do you have a fear of working with male deities?

I had this fear forming, not when I first started but after years of my family disagreeing with my beliefs, as I’m sure many here have already experienced. The word just makes me uncomfortable and I associate it personally with argument and fighting for what I believed in. With that being said even with my family making me feel a certain way, the first deity who came to me was actually Anubis, a male death deity. He actually joked about what my family thought and took it very lightly if I was nervous, I never felt rejected or alone. I almost immediately felt at home with him. It took a lot of work for me to fully accept male deities into my life, even if I do work better with masculine energies. It actually took working with my first female deity Lilith to fully be able to accept the idea that male and female deities could be equals with us practitioners of paganism and the magical arts.

Another thing I learned from my experience over time was that while some deities prefer being called “gods” and being worshipped as such. Many deities and spirits are willing to work with you as equals, depending on your and their beliefs and traditions. Everyone’s relation to deity is personal and their devotion to their deity is sacred to their own craft and way of life. Not every person will work with every deity or spirit and vice versa. Many of us walk this path to try and discover who we are, and take back power we lost to others, but this power that you supposedly lost will eventually shine through with a bit of shadow work and facing your fears. In the end it is up to you and your deity to come up with your own tradition, boundaries, and take that leap.

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