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In partnership with Witch Path Forward, Pagan parenting activist, Debi Gregory, is joining PBN to bring you advice, articles and resources on being part of a Pagan family!

Greetings to one and all!

I suppose i should write a little about myself so you know why i’m involved in this and what i can offer to you!

So, my name is Debi and i’ve been Pagan for almost twenty years now. I began, as many of us do, in investigating Wicca, moved into Eclectic Witchcraft and now, many many… Many… Many years, books, discussions, events, meditations and experiences later, i identify quite broadly as an Animist Druid Heathen Witch.

I have three additional needs children with my husband and we live in a currently very wet but sunny Yorkshire in the upper east of England. I am currently studying towards a degree in psychology, with a special focus on developmental and child psychology. I hope to progress onto a Masters in developmental and educational psychology afterwards.

Until recently i worked within the Pagan Federation, running their Community Support Team and was instrumental in developing it into the resource it is today, creating new teams to cover various diversities, specializing in accessibility within the Pagan community. I was the creator and founder of the PF’s well known online festivals, Disabled Pagans Voices Project, Raising Pagan Voices Project and inaugural editor of their online families publication, Aether. I still fully support all the work of the Pagan Federation are doing under the capable hands of the current Community Managers, Council and Committee! I’m also the Social Media Coordinator for the charity Pagan Aid and the Chair of Pagans Care UK. Phew! Sounds like a lot! Lol.

The Witch Path Forward Team

I am one of the three founders of the site Witch Path Forward, which has been a FREE resource for those new to Paganism since 2012 and is now branching out into offering readings, reviews and more. We’re also in the process of writing our own online courses to open our online school of Paganism and Witchcraft, which will feature the world’s first online courses for Pagan families! (I’m very excited about this! EAK!)

I’ve been giving talks and writing articles on Pagan parenting and being part of a Pagan family for over half a decade and look forward to bringing my knowledge and thoughts (which are often, admittedly, rambling and hilarious!) here to the Pagan Business Network!
I have my first Pagan children’s book coming out in January and look forward to seeing that grow from the short stories i told my own babies to the sources of knowledge and fun i hope they can be for other families.

My book, The Elemenpals, is available for pre-order now. This is what Candia McCormack, lead singer of Inkubus Sukkubus, had to say of the book!

So… Despite what it may seem, i actually hate writing about myself and will spend the next few days being scolded by my friends for calling myself arrogant after writing this! But that’s me, in a nutshell.
I truly believe that the Pagan community has so much to offer to parents and families. I feel that our faith practices and spirituality should be a source of empowerment and steadfast comfort in our journeys as parents because, let’s face it, being a parent really isn’t easy! I also believe that children know their own minds more than they’re often given credit for and if they say that they want to be involved, it’s never too early to let them and encourage them in it! Folk of other faiths and no faith get their children involved (or not) and don’t get pressured to feeling guilty about it and we should be no different!
Let’s create our own Sunday school! 😉
I look forward to getting involved with you all! Feel free to get in touch if there’s a question you’d like me to answer or if you have a subject you’d like covered or even if you’d like me to review something you’re offering to Pagan families!
Be well, be empowered and be blessed, folks!
xXx Debi xXx

Speaking at Pagan Pride about Pagan parenting.

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