Voices of the Heathen and Pagan dissidents “D”‘s story part 6

We complete our series with words from “D”, a protestor in the Detroit demonstrations. Moved to make change in his city, he hit the streets. He ends his story with us with some food for thought. He hopes his actions join with others to make change in these times.

Security officers at the GM Renaissance Center assessed the damage of my flesh. They tried to drive as a hospital, which I refused. Because I was scared DPD (Detroit Police Dept) was gonna track me down and detain me like the many others they threw onto buses, and threw in to the Cobo Center.

I continued to walk, down Jefferson, towards Rivard Street. I would think I was having a hard time.

I couldn’t see, still.

I- I fell over. A woman, a Black woman, ran to assist me and help me all the way back to my vehicle.

What these three days of protest has taught me is that DPD does not care about us at all.

Who really cares about us is our brothers and sisters helping us. The people who live in the city, and deal with these troubles, every single day.

We were just fighting for justice, and what is right.

There is a Black versus White, but it’s right versus wrong.

Thank you for sticking to our series to the end. Please return to this space for a two new series. The stories of “B and Elwood” and “A”.

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