Voices of the Heathen and Pagan dissidents “D”‘s story part 4

We rejoin the story of “D” with this installment of his interview. The harrowing events of described here could be disturbing for some individuals. Discretion is advised.

We continue with our eyewitness account from “D” for Day 3.

Day 3, Sunday, we started to march again at DPD headquarters, marching around the city in a circle. I noticed again that our movement had gained more momentum and more speed. We were drawing in numbers by the minute. Everywhere I looked I saw people joining our march. Our organizer was trying to do chants. They were all repeating them.

I heard many, many honks of support. I saw people clapping. People were looking out of their balconies, looking of out oF their windows down at us out in the streets. I could see that they supported what we were doing.

Umm, the protest continued peacefully for many hours until the 8 pm curfew. The 8pm curfew hit, the entire group was in the lawn of the DPD headquarters. We noticed choppers flying above us, drones, lines of police officers behind us and in front of us, in the parking structure to the right of us, and we listened to a speech which was very moving, and he spoke the truth.

Then we heard a speech from a young woman, who was beaten, and abused, and detained by the DPD.

She has been targeted all three days by one, single, officer.

She is an 18 year old girl cannot fight off this large 6ft man. Every day she showed up with new bruises and new scrapes. It did not deter her, the most important part.

They gave us roughly 40 minutes after curfew before they started to move in. At 8:40, they formed a line in front of us on one side of the sidewalk, and we formed a human chain on the other side of the sidewalk. There was, three chains to prevent the officers from reaching everybody in the middle.

We were shouting at all of the officers and I noticed many of the officers of color were crying. They were emotional, which led me to believe they did not want to do this. They did not want to see their brothers and sisters being treated unfairly.

Yet, I heard an officer call out and say “if you can’t handle this, you need to leave” to which he was replaced by another officer who was generally, like…..

Shortly after we formed our chains, we started shouting “kneel with us” because we just want the officers to kneel with us in solidarity against this injustice. All we want is for them to show us they are on our side because we do not blame the DPD for what happened to George Floyd, or Breonna Taylor, or Ahmaud Arbery, or any person killed unjustly by the police. We just want them to stand with us.

The Deputy Chief of Police knelt with us, but I knew he only did it for show. He only did it for the cameras, because as soon as he stood up he said “gas them”.

Then they threw flashbangs up over our heads and into the middle of the crowd.

Please continue to join us for the continuation of “D”s account, and watch for “Elwood and B”s story to follow. If you would like to submit your own story, please contact us at info@paganbusinessnetwork.com. Captions provided by pagan business network.

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