Voices of the Heathen and Pagan dissidents “D”‘s story part 3

We continue to our interview with “D”. Trigger warnings for the content in this segment. His story now becomes extremely harrowing and discretion is advised.

“Unfortunately, there were some antagonizers and agitators, trying to incite violence and start looting. I noticed a young man, taking a scooter and slamming it repeatedly against the windows of the 7-Eleven downtown. Me, and a couple other men and women, ran, pushed him to the ground, took the scooter, and faced off with him.

Because we do not want our city to burn, we love our city. We are just fighting for justice. After that, the violence chilled out a little bit. We were still facing off with the police. They were still firing gas canisters and macing people.

They started marching closer and closer, charging, retreating, charging and retreating for hours. Eventually, they flanked those of us who were standing on the steps of Detroit city hall. And, they basically ambushed us. They arrested many people, chased many others, and scared many more, which caused our numbers to disperse, actually.

People were scared. People were getting maced even thought they weren’t doing anything. Running away, (unintelligible) on without remorse. They kept advancing throught the intersection, all the while, every single car that was stuck in that intersection was honking in support of us.

I noticed a woman in a jeep being ripped out of her car for no reason, no apparent reason. I walk up, try and find out what was going on, and an officer maces me in the face. I’m more than 20 feet away from the jeep at this point. “

“I was roughly 20 feet away from the jeep with the woman being ripped out by hordes of police. I was roughly 20 feet away, and a cop came up and maced me in the face for absolutely no reason. I ran away. Got some milk in my eyes, and came back to demonstrate. There was push-back from the police, but ultimately they pushed us all the way back to the next intersection.

I ran to a half empty parking lot with many others to record some footage of this from a bird’s eye view. And I recorded footage of a man, walking backwards, away from a cop because you never turn your back on a police officer. But unfortunately, this police officer sped up and maced him directly in the eyes at point blank, which made our group very, very angry.

We decided to run, chasing the police officer back to the safety of his other officers. And we let the matter go, and made sure the man was alright. Shortly after this time, the police started coming harder and harder, and being more and more violent to try and quell this protest. To which, it didn’t work a long time.

I, after this event, was a little sad to say the least. And I decided I had had enough for the day. I decided to start walking back to my vehicle. At this point, an officer noticed me start walking down and alley.

He screamed, and started running. I started running, too. Fortunately, I made it safely to my vehicle to protest another day.

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