Greening as a social movement via the Underground Plant Exchange

Growing green things can grow understanding of how the world goes through cycles. Those cycles are sometimes change, sometimes life and death, but always are inclusive of transformation. It is only fitting that the green healing energy could come to the rescue for some of the strife filling our feeds on social media. The Underground Plant Exchange comes to the healing table via its creator, DJ Freedom, and his inspiration.

DJ FREEDEM, Photo: DJ FREEDEM, Instagram, April 8, 2020,

“If you’re white, give a Black person a plant this instant,” planted a seed.

The project began with a tweet. That is correct. A thriving plant flow from White to Black gardeners began with a simple statement that kicked off a form of green reparations. The existence of this project was sent in to us by a local Black Witch.

Transplanted from Atlanta, the New York DJ is seriously into the world of growing good. Producer of a video series, The Trap Gardener on YouTube. Mixing humor with expertise, his blunt speaking (nsfw) showcase is just the right touch of lightheartedness in a bleak time. It is no surprise that one blessed with such a creative spark could set something so unexpected into motion. Positive auric healing exudes from him.

The healing power of plants is well accepted in spritual circles. The Biophilia hypothesis would come into play when we surround ourselves with living landscapes inside our spaces to heal ourselves, and each other. This, perhaps, is what gave the project such a massive appeal.

Once the influx of offers to give plants came, the exchange got into full swing. However, demand became so high that he soon created to control and organize the logistics. What began as a small statement bloomed into a user friendly site, sorted by state. To find out more about how you might become involved, follow the links in this article.

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