Aid for The People-Detroit Food Not Bombs and Food Not Class Collective needs your help

Detroit is full of hearty people. Yes, I said hearty, because we have a lot of heart. Although many in the fundraiser entitled Mutual Aid for The People-Detroit Food Not Bombs/Not Class Collective fly under your radar, they are doing the absolute loving most to help. Many Witches and Pagans not only benefit from their good works.There are some of us deeply involved in charity works as part of our Paths, so this resonates. Right now, they need a little help.

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Detroit Food Not Bombs and Food Not Class Collective

What do they need help to accomplish? They help the poor, the needy, the in transition, and the jeopardized folks in Metro Detroit with food, hygiene, and more. Let’s hear it from them.

We are a collective who provides mutual aid for the homeless and working poor. We feed folx biweekly at the 2 main transit centers in the city, averaging 80-200 people per serve. They also receive clothing, toiletries, hygiene products, boots, winter gear, medical equipment, whatever we get we give for free. We will begin doing geurilla food drops in the neighborhoods, have work shops on self sustainability off the grid education, street medic trainings, and other free school topics. We will offer free wellness checks, free rides, free protection support when needed.
However, we are limited for a few reasons.

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Right now, the Midwestern Mitten is enduring crippling cold temperatures. Rescue missions are filled to capacity, and cities have even opened more temporary warming centers. But a single night in the warmth does not solve the issue. People need a hand up to help them survive long enough to rebound. A warm heart can heat more than just the body.

Pagans in Michigan are usually at the forefront of contributing goods, labor, and money for outreach. From helping with the Street Store, to contributing to public gardens, it is just how we are made. Well, it is my belief that there are a lot more giving hearts out here in these streets.

If you are so moved, their fundraiser is located on Facebook at Mutual Aid for The People-Detroit Food Not Bombs/Not Class Collective.

Special thanks to Chef Harriet of Sisters On A Roll for being such a warrior on the front lines of love.

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