Business Spotlight – Elen Sentier

Elen Sentier How would you describe your business? I’m a Pagan author, artist and teacher. I write books about British native shamanism and contemporary fantasy novels which these traditions inspire. The novels come partly out of our old tales as well as the many old places here in Britain and … Continue reading

Business Spotlight: Smokey Crystal

Smokey Crystal How would you describe your business? It is a metaphysical store specializing in incense, stones/crystals, jewelry, and accessories for your home and self.  Two very important aspects focused on here is psychic readings and cleansing (mind, body, spirit, home, etc.)  We are often visited by the paranormal community … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils

Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils How would you describe your business? Sage’s Aromatherapy and Oils sells custom blended essential oil products designed for maximum natural healing. Physical, mental, emotional issues CAN find relief naturally. Wonderful bath and body products are available, from luxurious sugar scrubs to moisturizing Shea Butter body cremes. What inspired you … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Infinite Creations by J:D LLC

The COEXIST image, created from the original "Unity", the number one card in The Ethereal Oracle deck was featured on the cover of The Journey Magazine for the January 2015 issue.

Infinite Creations by J:D LLC Intuitive Artist & Author, creating original Art intuitively for individuals. My path clearly led me to using my artwork to help peoples spiritual growth. My oracle decks (The Ethereal Oracle) and prints are available online at and various locations in OH and western NY … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Bewitching Brew Soap

Bewitching Brew Soap How would you describe your business? My business is tiny business, just myself, making handmade soaps, lotions, body sprays, bath salts, and just about anything else you can think of for body care. What inspired you to start this business? I often get asked this question, and … Continue reading

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