Business Spotlight- Familiar Spirits

Familiar Spirits How would you describe your business? We are a brick and mortar spiritual arts and supply store in Coventry Rhode Island with a heavy leaning towards the New Orleans Voodoo, Santeria, Candomble, Conjure and Hoodoo Traditions, while we do carry some generalized Pagan necessities as well. We specialize … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Winterwolf Charms

Winterwolf Charms How would you describe your business? Winterwolf Charms is a New Age/ Metaphysical Supplies and Gift Shop. What inspired you to start this business? My husband. Where can we find your business? Jamestown Flea Market, Building #6 709 Jamestown Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 OR Email us at: … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Beaux Magique

Beaux Magique How would you describe your business? The “Beaux Magique” business is all about making good magic! We offer incense alternatives, magick purposed sprays made with charged artesian waters, hand blended signature scents, charm sachets, anointing oils, sabbat and blessing salts as well as the old favorites of condition … Continue reading

Business Spotlight- Witch City Products

Witch City Products How would you describe your business? Witch City Products is a manufacturer of herbal products and harder-to-find spiritual practice supplies. What inspired you to start this business? I work out of an office in a gift/metaphysical shop. After a while, we noticed that people were coming in … Continue reading

Business Spotlight – Mama Gina/Fearless Bard

Mama Gina How would you describe your music? I am a singer/songwriter and wanderlust, with a penchant for telling true stories. Sometimes they are my own stories. Sometimes I’ve just borrowed them from another. Often the Gods and Goddesses and other Entities that inhabit my head will whisper, or shout, … Continue reading

Laura Perry, Author and Artist – Business Spotlight

Laura Perry How would you describe your business? I’m a Pagan author and artist. I write non-fiction books about Pagan spirituality (Minoan Paganism, spellwork, health and wellness from a Pagan spiritual perspective) and the occasional novel as well. I’ve also created a Tarot deck using ancient Minoan spirituality and art … Continue reading

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